Body, Soul, and Peace of Mind

We provide the only protein source comes with this grocery list of great benefits to your body, soul, and peace of mind.

-Elevate Estrogen in women and Testosterone in men.
-Slows progression of osteoporosis increasing bone mineral density.
-Anti Bacterial properties
-Lowers blood cholesterol
-Lowers blood pressure
-Demonstrates moderate cytotoxicity to cancer cells
-Ergothioneine 15mg/100g, most powerful and lasting antioxidant working in the body for 30 days as opposed to 30 minutes with the the majority of antioxidant products
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For more info check out our site or come see us in person @ Leduc City Center Mall today!
King Oyster Aug 24-15

Excited to see you!

Today we are one day away from harvesting these beauties they have been growing right on schedule we will have these at the Calmar Unique Market from 4:30 to 7:00 at the Calmar Arena for all of those interesting in picking up these tasty beauties!
Here are a few shots from the latest crop to grow.

Blue Oyster Aug 24-15 Blue Oyster Aug 24-15 King Oyster Aug 24-15

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