King and Bacon Kabobs

– 1 Carton of Gruger Family Fungi King Oyster mushrooms

– 12 ounces of bacon, cut into 1-inch pieces

– Salt & Pepper

– 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce

1. Cut mushrooms into 1-inch lengths,

2. Thread mushroom pieces onto metal or wooden
skewers, alternating with 1 to 2 pieces of bacon.

3. Place skewers directly on grill and cook at med-high.

4. Rotate often, sprinkle salt+pepper twice while grilling, after 5 minutes on grill, and after 10 minutes on grill.

5. Skewers are done when fully tender, browned and bacon is crisp, about 15 minutes total.

6. Brush with teriyaki glaze and cook for 30 seconds on each side. repeat until glaze is used up and serve immediately.


15 Minute Mushroom Stroganoff

– 1 tbsp oil

– 1 medium onion, diced

– 4 cloves garlic, minced

– Any ½ lb of Gruger Mushrooms

– 50ml vegetable stock

– 1 tsp smoked paprika & Black pepper

– 3 tbsp sour cream

– 4 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped

1. Heat the oil in a large frying pan, cook the onion, garlic and mushrooms over medium heat for 5-10 minutes. 

2. Add the vegetable stock, smoked paprika, and black pepper to taste.  Cook for a further 5 minutes.

3.  Just before serving, stir in the sour cream and half of the parsley, once heated, top with remaining parsley.

15min Mushroom Stroganoff

Lion’s Mane, Apples & Thyme

– 2 tablespoons salted butter

– 1 tart apple, cored and thinly sliced

– 1 Carton of Gruger Family Fungi Lions Mane Mushrooms

– A good pinch of minced Fresh Thyme

– 1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper

1. Heat the butter in a 12-inch skillet, over medium heat.

2.  Add the apple slices and cook, stirring frequently, until the apples just start to soften.

3. Add the mushrooms, thyme, and white pepper, and cook, stirring occasionally, until the mushrooms are soft.

4. Serve hot or at room temperature

Lions Mane Thyme

Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms

– 1 Carton of Gruger Family Fungi King Oyster Mushrooms

– 2 tablespoons plum vinegar

– 1 tablespoon olive oil

– 1 tablespoon honey

– freshly ground pepper

1. In a small bowl, whisk together plum vinegar,

2. olive oil, and honey

3. Cut each mushroom into 1/4″ planks.

4. Pour liquid mixture over mushrooms and toss until all the pieces are coated evenly.

5. Grill about 1 minute on each side Sprinkle with pepper to taste. Serve immediately.