MycoLog ~ How to

Store in a cool dry place until it’s garden season.
Pick a spot for your MycoLog outside. Fungi love the sunshine, as long as it has plant companions.
Somewhere humid & well watered, not cold & dry.

grow your own mushrooms
Blue Oyster Mycolog

Lay down the MycoLog as your walking row. Plants on each side will receive water retention & nutrition.
Remove the bag, break up lightly and press into place.  (use your feet, walk it out! ) Keep the layer
3 ~ 4 inches thick to maintain the Mycelium network.
Water well to rehydrate. Afterwards, water your mushroom patch as often as you water your garden.
Watch your mushrooms grow & your garden thrive.

Spread the Love ~ Lose the Fungi
When spread thin you get all kinds of soil benefits. Although, this method will not grow any mushrooms. Mulch your garden 1“ inch thick evenly over the soil.
Increase earthen water retention & thermal stasis.
Deters cutworms, slugs, & aphids with it’s dry surface.
Habitat for Ladybugs & Long Legs, our garden warriors.


Increase soil health. Mushrooms begin decomposition,
new decomposers, healthy bacteria & soil life will follow.
The light brown colour, looks lovely in a green garden.
Pick when the petals lift, and they show off their gills.

Mulch your container gardens & your house plants too!

Frequently Asked Questions
When do I Harvest?
They grow quick, from pins to full size in just days.

Will it survive the winter?
We make no guarantees. Though they may surprise you. Lay down some leaves or straw on top & wish them luck!

It’s quick & easy to dry and rehydrate. Store dry fungi for some extra protein in the winter. Great for making soup.