Gruger Family Fungi’s goal is to provide conscious food shoppers, vegans, and vegetarians, with an ethically cultivated source of protein.  We grow delicious and diverse mushrooms, on Alberta grown Hemp in a clean and chemical free environment that promises to bring Albertan families
fresh and local food they can trust.



We have found our roots in the community of Central Alberta who’s great new friends value quality products with honest people. We started this venture in the summer of 2015 and we look to provide the highest quality mushrooms to local restaurants and customers who value a clean and nutritious source of food.




With your help we are able to continue
growing our roots in the community and we look forward to seeing you at the farm!





Our indoor vertical mushroom farm is located in Nisku, we are a small family team working together all year round. Come to our storefront in Nisku where you can purchase any of our Mushroom Products.  On any given day you will meet Rachel and/or Bev, Carleton is often working in the laboratory or managing our many farm technologies. 



We designed our farm and mushroom varieties with taste and nutritional content in mind. Ensuring you receive only the freshest grown mushrooms from our farm to your table. We understand you need the right food from the start so we look to help by bringing these to the local Grocery Centres and Restaurants in the Edmonton and Calgary area. Support local Restaurants and Grocery Centres that value your health as much as we do.



Feel free to contact us! 

We grow tree loving fungi on Alberta Hemp that please the palate.

Oyster Mushrooms: Primary decomposers grow on & digest pure carbon so we can access the nutrition inside.  Mushrooms contain protein on par with any meat, and carbs that act as prebiotics for a healthy gut. Anti-oxidants that clean our system of free radicals.  Minerals that  support our immune function, bone, muscle, and heart health. Eat mushrooms, be well, and mush love from the fungi family.