Pink Oyster

As Pretty as a flower with a smoky bacon flavour. Roast the elegant petals to reveal a creamy interior. Sure to impress the pickiest eater to the fungi fanatic.



Blue Oyster


These blue beauties readily take on flavour while giving rich woodsy notes, a classic earthy mushroom. When Cooked the texture becomes soft and velvety.



Gold Oyster


Golden Bundles of sunshine bring joy to any plate. The soft petals are adorned with mello fruity notes to please the palate. Deliciously unique, melting texture.



King Oyster


This giant fungi, cooks up beautifully. Nutty, cashew like flavour and a rich meaty texture. King mushrooms can be served as a main entree or side dish everyday.



Lions Mane


Looks like cauliflower, tastes like lobster! Its sponge like ability absorbs every delicious flavour in the pan. This formidable fungi is also a powerful brain food!