Blue Oyster 2

White stem with a grey-blue or white cap.

Mixture of nutty undertones layered over a natural woodsy flavor can be describes as a cashew like taste for some.

Consistent delicate chewy texture, pleasant velvety meat.

Quick to Cook in any fashion becoming soft. Recommended to compliment any white meat.

Single diverging cluster
Circumference 5 – 13 in 13 – 33 cm
Stems height 1- 2 in 2 – 5 cm
Cap length 1 – 4 in 2 – 10 cm
Cap width 1/8 – 1 in 1/3 – 2 cm

Mushrooms/Kg or Lb
1-3 Clusters/Lb
2-5 Clusters/Kg

Storage Time:
Keep refrigerated in paper bag or cardboard box for up to 7 days.

Beneficial Properties
-Still Under Research-
Blue O Nutritional Percentages Ubiquitin, an antiviral protein
pleuromutilin – Antibiotic
Benzaldehyde – Anti Bacterial
Lovastatin – lowers blood cholesterol
Potassium – lowers blood pressure

Nutritional Fact Sheet
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