King Oyster Outdoor Box

Light tan cap with a thick white stem.

The flavour contains a delicate buttery taste of woodsy, nutty and sweet.

Thick fleshed mushroom is pleasantly chewy top to bottom and has the advantage of remaining firm when cooked.

It stands up to stewing, sauteing, stir-frying, and grilling, Becomes golden brown and nicely crisp when pan fried or grilled.

Height: 3 – 10 in w/cap 10 – 25 cm w/cap
Cap Width: 2 – 8  in 5 – 20 cm
Stem Width: 1 – 3 in 2 – 8 cm

Mushrooms/Kg or Lb:
1 – 6/lb
3 – 10/kg

Storage Time:
Keep refrigerated in paper bag or cardboard box for up to 10 days

Beneficial Properties:
Contains important compounds that help to:
Elevate Estrogen in women and Testosterone in men.
Slows progression of osteoporosis increasing bone  mineral density.King Oyster Nutritional Percentages
Benzaldehyde – Anti Bacterial
Lovastatin – lowers blood cholesterol

Potassium – lowers blood pressure
Eryngiolide A – demonstrates moderate cytotoxicity to cancer cells
Ergothioneine 15mg/100g, most powerful and lasting antioxidant with the following properties:
1. Works in the body for 30 days as opposed to  30 minutes with the the majority of antioxidant products.
2. Maintaining levels of other antioxidants like vitamins E & C
3. Moves to high oxidized areas of the body, eyes kidney and liver.
4. Protect cells, builds immunity, seeks and cleans up unhealthy cells.
5. Lowers systemic inflammation, preventing joint pain and the buildup of plaque in the arteries, that leads to cardiovascular disease.

Nutritional Fact Sheet:
NutritionLabel KO

-Philis, K “A delicious and filling new mushroom, I have not seen a product like this in the area[leduc]. I love the different protein and it takes on flavors quite fast when cooking. “