Pink Oyster1

White stem with a light to bright pink cap. Fades to an orange when cooked.

Under cooked this mushroom has a sour taste, but be patient and give at least 20 minutes to fully cook and you’ll be rewarded with bacon flavoured mushrooms.

A meaty texture and soft consistency when cooked

Great addition to stirfrys and soups.

Single diverging cluster
Circumference 5 – 13 in 13 – 33 cm
Stems height 1- 2 in 2 – 5 cm
Cap length 1 – 4 in 2 – 10 cm
Cap width 1/8 – 1 in 1/3 – 2 cm

Mushrooms/Kg or Lb:
1-3 Clusters/Lb
2-5 Clusters/Kg

Storage Time:
Keep refrigerated in paper bag or cardboard box for up to __ days.

Beneficial Properties:
-Still Under Research-

Nutritional Fact Sheet:
-Still Under Research-