MycoLog ~

Fall to Winter Instructions


Keep your Log in the bag and let them live outside.

A shady spot where the snow falls and stays put.

Position the original holes to face the earth, this will allow the Log to take up as much water as it needs.   

Make 8 new holes at the top so it can breath and produce mushrooms this fall.  Make sure to enjoy your fresh fungi and wish them a happy winter.   

Let them live outside under a consistent blanket of snow all winter.  Send them love from your window and greet them in the spring when they’re ready to bloom again.

How To

Spring to Summer Instructions

LOCATION:  Fungi love plants & plants love fungi.  Your Mycolog will keep water in the soil & fertilize your  plants.

Plants keep the environment humid for your fungi.  Install the MycoLog as a walking row in your garden.

Slice open the bag end to end.  Roll out the Hemp & Mycelium.  Now walk it out and press into place.

Keep the mulch 6 inches thick to grow healthy fungi.

Don’t feel bad about stomping the mushroom mulch.  Compacting the material is an important step to re-establish the mycelium network for healthy fungi. 

Water your fungi path thoroughly after installation. Water the path as you would the rest of your garden.
Watch your step on the fungi path, they grow quick!
Harvest early and often for bug free mushrooms.
Enjoy fresh mushrooms from your own garden.

grow your own mushrooms

Spread the Love ~ Get no Fungi

This method will not grow any mushrooms.

When spread thin you get all kinds of soil benefits.
Mulch your garden 1“ inch thick evenly over the soil.
Increase water retention & thermal stasis & soil health.
Deters cutworms, slugs, & aphids with it’s dry surface.  Habitat for Ladybugs & Long Legs, our garden warriors.  
The light brown colour, looks lovely in a green garden. Mulch your container gardens & your house plants too! 

We are so grateful and excited to see so many amazing fungi fans sharing their success and their bountiful harvest with friends and family.  Get your own MycoLog and experience growing your own mushrooms at home.  

COMPOST:  After a productive spring and summer, work your Mycolog into your soil in the fall, promote a healthy earth and happy worms.   

A MycoLog is perfect carbon to fuel healthy Living Soil.   
Think of it as natures prebiotic.  Pure Hemp broken down by Primary Decomposers (delicious oyster mushrooms)
by which process, the hemp carbon is now available to host abundant soil life.  

Worms, beneficial insects, and micro-organisms that contribute to the health of our garden and to our own health by extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I Harvest?
They grow quickly, from wee pins to full size in just days. Harvest when the petals lift, and they show off their gills.

It’s quick & easy to dry and rehydrate. Store dry fungi for some extra protein in the winter.  Great for making soup.

Will I see more mushrooms next year?
Caution:  2nd season MycoLogs invite wild mushrooms!  If you’re not sure, don’t eat it.
Come get a fresh MycoLog.

Will mushrooms spread to my lawn?
It’s downright impossible for them to grow in soil like a Fairy Ring would.  For reasons too long to explain here.

Can I keep it in the bag all summer?
No!  Please Remove the Bag by May 1st.  In hot weather, microbes will decay the mushroom trapped under plastic.
I have no Garden.  Where’s the next best place?  Fungi love Plants!  Leaves produce oxygen and humidity.  Warmish with mid~day shade.  Remember to water daily!